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Refund Policy

Refund Policy - DediRDP.com

Refunds are provided only under below circumstances:

Remote Desktops: Refunds are provided only in case of non-delivery of RDP accounts within 48 hours of payment received. Customers can claim refund if they are upgrading services, this refund will be calculated and provided on a pro-rata basis only.

Dedicated Servers: Refunds for Dedicated Servers are provided if server is not provisioned within 7 days of payment. Our staff may at times extend this period if we anticipate a delay in server provisioning. It is customer's choice if they want to opt for a refund or accept the server provision extension.

There can be extra-ordinary cases wherein DediRDP may provide refunds to its customers. These are decided by the Management on a case by case basis and the decision will be binding on customers. Any refunds issued for extra-ordinary cases not specified above will have a deduction of 3$ and 10% for Remote Desktop and Dedicated Servers respectively as processing fees.

Refunds may be issued in form other than which the payment was received. Example: A customer paying through PayPal may have to received the refund in WebMoney.

Date of Revision: 6 Sep 2015