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Privacy Policy

DediRDP.com - Privacy Policy

DediRDP.com takes utmost care of your personal data to ensure customer privacy. We carefully convert and secure customer data as required by the laws of Indian and Dutch governments.

Your rights as a Customer:

You as a customer must ensure that you do not enter fake details in your personal profiles. All data filled in can be requested for verification if DediRDP.com deems fit.

We do not share your personally identifiable data with outside parties except for payment processors who would require this data to process and confirm payments in a highly secure environment. If in doubt, please contact us @ contact@dedirdp.com to have your concerns resolved.

Data Security:

We use high security encryption technology to ensure all customer data stored on our servers are safe.

IP Logging:

Please note that our billing software is configured to log your IP (Internet Protocol) address all the while you are logged into your client area. We also log IP (Internet Protocol) address in all our order forms to prevent frauds and protect ourselves from unnecessary hassles.

We may track and maintain the logs of your usage pattern on our website to compare statistics and plan on future actions.

Handing over Customer details to Law Enforcement Agencies:

DediRDP.com may hand over your personal details to law enforcement authorities if it is legally requested by a court of law. The customer will be intimated in such cases.

Modification History:

Version 1: New version – 21th October, 2013.